Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a promotional strategy in which an attractive advertisement is formed and sent to a list of selected emails in bulk format. This strategy is used in event promotion, launches of new products in the market, festival sales, occasional sales, discounts, special offers, online classes, webinars, breaking news, and much more.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Newsletters

These are the most commonly used email marketing campaigns. Small business people use them by adding value-added information like how-tos, announcements, health tips, and new product launches or services to engage the potential customers of your business offerings.

Acquisition Emails

Acquisition emails are sent to those who have already subscribed to your website. Although these are already your customers, you can attract them by creating catchy offers and informative content emails. Acquisition emails are a great way to target the users who have already shown interest in your product/service.

Retention Emails

Retention emails are sent to the business customers who have used your offerings lately. These emails are for the demand of feedback or review of your product/service. This is a useful way to keep connected with the customers you earned.

Promotional Emails

As the name suggests, these are promotional emails specially designed to be attractive so that the receiver finds them worth reading. For example, emails on a special discount offer, sales on big brands, limited-time offers, etc.

Sending emails goes beyond drafting a few lines. Creativity is king, along with content. It’s important to catch your reader’s attention and persuade them to buy the product or service you promote. 

Email Design

If creativity is your forte you can unleash your imagination, but don’t forget to include all your basic information. 

Copywriting Service 

Copywriting service is provided by content writers who write persuasively to encourage the reader to take positive action by reading the content. These writers have done good research and can easily convey to anyone reading the content. 


Email marketing management involves the management of a contact list. Once the emails go to the targeted list, the management team tracks the performance of your campaign based on how your customers reacted to the email. 


Email marketing reporting gives you a clear picture of efforts made for the whole campaign. There are several free and paid tools to track the performance of email marketing campaigns and track the user’s engagement.


To maintain a constant winning rate of email marketing strategy is essential to clean up the list at least twice a year. There are many tools available to help you run email marketing campaigns and further maintain the lists and options to discard the unengaging recipients of the emails. 

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