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Led by a husband and wife team, Alternative Marketing Group specializes in Digital Marketing. We do not believe in one size fits all strategy because we know every business is unique. You won’t find a cookie-cutter design in our firm, and we cater to all kinds of businesses no matter their size or the type of industry they serve.

We both have a passion for art and have dedicated our studies to digital media, photography, video, writing, and fashion styling. We have a deep love for the local community, and our main goal is to help local businesses thrive and move to the top. After all, it is the local shops that make the community a better place!

Meet our team

Our company in faces.

Hiram Guerrero

Hiram Guerrero is the Chief Executive Officer. His focus is on growing, marketing, and business development services. His responsibilities include marketing analysis, client acquisition strategy, researching marketing trends and technology, design, and execution.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, which helps guide his thinking process of cultural contextualization with modern and traditional markets. You can find Hiram riding his bicycle around town, cruising by the beach, and at your local breweries.

Vanessa Guerrero

Lover of fashion, dogs, and food, Vanessa is the Social Media Ninja and has been in the industry for many years. Vanessa landed her first marketing job upon moving to South Florida at a digital marketing agency, where she developed a keen eye for social media, as well as SEO and content creation.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and has been writing for an NYC online fashion magazine since 2014. Oh, and did we mention she runs her fashion blog? You can follow her at www.alternativelychic.com. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather at the beach or creating looks that anyone can replicate.


Rocket Vincent

Resident dog and ruler of the Good Boys, Rocket is a rescued American Staffy who is ready to become the next #doginfluencer. His role in the company is to provide emotional support and snuggles. He loves carrots, ice, pastry stouts, and to bark at all dogs. Catch him on IG at @rocket_thestaffy for all his adventures.

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